I can see the lack of passion in your eyes
I can sense the boredom when I talk to you
When I kiss you I feel the feeling of numbness
When I hold your hand I can tell the lack of interest when you suddenly let go
When we sit next to you there is more distance between you and I than there is between myself and the arm rest
Lately everything I do seems to get on your nerves
You’re changing, but I’m not sure of who you are sometimes
Maybe it’s just me, maybe you’re right and it’s just all the stess, or maybe it’s me realizing that you truly are better off without me
No matter how strong I am, I know that if we fall apart I won’t be able to pick myself up
This is what I get for falling too hard and too fast
God made me to love and to love with everything I have
Just wish he had made me strong as well